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Kokshetau 10.06.04

        A training seminar for Homecare service was held in "Borovoe" resort in late May. Its participants were 22 employees from Petropavlovsk, Pavlodar, Kostanay, Karaganda, Kokshetau, and Astana.

   The seminar was conducted by Almaty Hesed staff - Natalya Dmirtieva (Hesed "Polina" director, psychologist), Valentina Sokolkova (Homecare head), Marina Iorish (Homecare trainer).

   The seminar started with a psychological training. It helped the participants to know each other better and relieve the internal stress. In her training and lessons Natalya Dmitrieva told about nursing methods and psychological overload protection. She also presented training on conflict situations and solving methods.

   Marina Iorish conducted her lessons with much effort and professionalism.

   The seminar program included such topics as memory change in elderly age and senile dementia. The problems connected with dotage are very topical for homecare employees. They have to know how to help elderly people, and also how to support their relatives.

   The Hesed "Natan" provided rehabilitation equipment, which was used in teaching theory and role plays.

   Serious consideration was given to program documentation and reporting.

   To fix their knowledge the teams received tasks which included seminar topics. Each of the teams prepared a role play. Natalya Dmitrieva took part in the discussion of their performances.

   The seminar concluded with a round table. The participants were grateful for the easy understandable lessons and helpful training. They admitted significance and practicality of such seminars, where they could share their problems and find solution together.

   The training seminar differs from regular Homecare seminars. At first a pre-seminar was held for Homecare staff in the North Kazakhstan. It helped to fix the known skills and acquire new knowledge. The pre-seminar participants fulfilled tasks on the service documentation, answered the questions, and filled in questionnaires. The analysis of their answers helped to reveal the topical issues of the seminar.

  A post-seminar is planned to be held after the Homecare training.

   I am grateful to those who prepared the seminar and took part in it.


Valentina Sokolkova

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