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Almaty, 18 - 21 November 2002

Seminar starts working  On November 18, 2002 a seminar for medical program workers began in Almaty. Representatives of 10 Kazakhstani Heseds and our college from Tashkent took part in it. An assistant curator of medical programs in the FSU Svetlana Byvalkevitch came here from Odessa specially to conduct the seminar.

  The first day the experienced psychologist from Hesed Polina Irina Zaltsman conducted "Acquaintance" training. It helped the participants to get to know each other better not only from professional, but also from spiritual side. The training became a starting point for productive work of the whole seminar. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere created by Irina and organizers of the seminar, the participants covered great many topics for 4 days.

  After presentation of Hesed medical programs Svetlana Byvalkevitch on the basis of specific examples described in great detail the methods of holding a tender for medical supplies. Then with the help of Eugenie Esaulenko, Hesed Polina database operator, she helped the participants to deeper understand the system of filling in forms and collecting data about clients' individual needs. The next point was brilliant presentation of Natalya Dorman, the director of Hesed Polina. Her theme "Contribution of Medical Services in Other Hesed Programs" aroused great interest of the participants, because they face with this question almost every day. Irina Kopylenko's report "Medical Ethics in Judaism" written on the basis of rabbi Meir Schlesinger's seminar was also accepted very warmly. Not bad for one day, isn't it?

  The seminar touched upon various topics. It is hard to say which themes educators did not mention. For example, Vyacheslav Rogovin, the head of Rehabilitation Equipment program told about the peculiarities of work of his department and gave all the participant colorful handbooks and booklets. Then training on psychological relief followed. After a week of work with elderly people they physically feel consequences of emotional overstrain. Headache and petulance become their constant companions. The question of psychological relief is topical for medical service workers.

   One of the most burning questions - criteria for issue of medicines and the distribution of program budget - were also not passed over. Mutual discussion lightened the further work of medical service.

  The seminar came to the end. City tour, long talks over tea, true love for their work united the participants. The warmth and hospitality with which the guests were welcomed in Almaty stayed with them till their last day in the Southern capital. We look forward to meeting you the next year.

Sima Branovitch

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