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30 September - 3 October 2002, Shymkent

  From September 30 to October 3 a seminar for "Home Care" service staff was held in Shymkent city. The director of "Home Care" service Inna Litvinova from Tbilisi was invited as an educator. But unfortunately, life often changes our plans. Inna was ill and could not come in time - it was two days till the beginning of the seminar.

  Preparations were over. Some of the participants were already on their way. The organizers decided not to abolish the seminar, but to conduct it by their own means on the basis of training. The changes were approved by Ruth Averbuch, Joint "Home Care" service coordinator, and Monday, September 30 the seminar began as it was planned before.
The seminar was held in the conference-hall of "Dostyk" hotel, the room was convenient for practical training as well as for theoretical lessons. There was enough place for rehabilitation equipment of Shymkent Hesed. It helped the participants to master the art of work with the appliances necessary for patients.

  The main theme of the seminar was the solution of practical tasks that appear in the process of work. Special attention was paid to revealing clients' needs, making individual plans of service, schedules and workers' diaries. We also did not forget about the most up-to-date problem - senile dementia. The workers of "Home Care" service need to know the rules and methods of work with such kind of people. Realizing importance of the theme the participants paid more attention to the training.

  Training and lectures were supplemented with role plays. The participants were divided into teams and each team got an individual task. Such form of indirect testing allows to know the workers' abilities better. It was interesting simply to look at the teams. Combination of efforts of "Home Care" workers with different characters, levels of professional skills, and duration of their work was very efficient.

  One of the days was totally devoted to training with psychologists Natalya  Dorman (the director of Hesed "Polina" in Almaty) and Tatyana Pakhomova (a teacher of Shymkent medical college). Natalya Dorman organized her training in the form of practical lessons. It made the workers discover their inner abilities and see themselves in new roles. Later on the participants of the seminar confessed that the training helped them to open for themselves new sides of their work and to get rid of some errors.

  By tradition the seminar was concluded with a round-table discussion. It helped to solve many issues together. The participants expressed their thanks for the indispensable help they were given to work with clients.

Valentina Sokolkova

Valentina Sokolkova
We learn to care for clients
  Knowledge and skills
We get knowledge and skills during the training
  Natalya Dorman
Psychologist Natalya Dorman is working with a team
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