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   December became a month of seminars for the Jewish community of Kazakhstan. Two seminars began in Almaty almost at once - a course for Hesed directors "Strategic Planning of Kazakhstani Jewish Communities Development", a seminar for JCC directors, and a seminar for Gabbais "Jewish Tradition and Religion". The talented teachers from Israel and Kazakhstan conducted the seminar: Meir Schlezinger, Marina Fromer, Arnon Fuchs, Bella Zaretski, Yael Kalcheim, Max Wiesel - these are the names of our honorary guests.

  In the seminars people worked non-stop, discussions went on even during coffee-breaks. Every new lecture and training set new objectives for participants and opened new perspectives and methods before them. Participants who have known each other for many years were gradually turning to a team.

  In conclusion of the course Joint guru Marina Fromer said:
"Your desire to understand everything, your keenness and cheerfullness inspired me. I told you much more than I planned to, but in spite of that I still have things to say. Pedagogues say it is a good sign, it means that the seminar was really successful!"

  Three seminar conducted at the same time were a good idea. Hesed directors, JCC directors, and Gabbais continued discussions even after lectures.
"The seminar on Strategic Planning of Kazakhstani Jewish Communities Development" gave me a new view on what we do in my city", said the coordinator of social programs from Hesed "Efraim" Alexey Anyuhovsky who visited the seminar for Hesed directors for the first time. - "I saw my work in the new light. We all understand that without prospects of development our work will turn to a mere waste of time and means. I want to thank the teachers who worked with us. The easy atmosphere they created helped us to get a maximum of useful information. The participants of the seminar also opened up in a new way. Now I know exactly who I can ask for advice."

  Newcomers always notice more than others. That is why we asked Alexey Anyuhovsky to share his impressions of the seminar:
"I was struck at the high professional level of Kazakhstani lecturers. Natalya Dorman, Irina Zaltsman, Galina Chelokhsayeva, Yanna Papanova dotted all the i's. They do feel our problems. It was easy to find a common language with them. They know everything about the peculiarities of life of Jewish communities in Kazakhstan. And not only know, but try to do everything to ease the work of Hesed directors."

  As usual a lot of new initiatives begin on the seminars. The President of "Mitsva" Association Alexander Baron, who visited the training as an honorary guest offered the participants to conduct the same meetings in 2003, but virtually.
"You will be able to get answers for your questions at almost the same moment you ask them", - explained Alexander Baron. - "In this case out seminars will be organized only for subjects of primary importance. But be ready, it may cause a great advance in the development of the Jewish community of Kazakhstan! It is our great responsibility."

Galina Goldberg

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