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Tu Bi Shvat in the Petropaulovsk community

Petropaulovsk 22.01.14

Oh, Tu Bi Shvat , the New Year of trees!
In Israel, so at the end of winter.
And, of course, the term is now coming
To open the season of garden works ...

锗眢赅Well, in Northern Kazakhstan winter is in full swing . Outside the window minus twenty. Planting season is not soon , but Tu bi Shvat honoring Jewish traditions , family club going in Hesed to drop in a pot of green spaces, enjoy the fruits of the land of Israel and socialize in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Songs about the festival began Tu bi Shvat that children's choir sang " Hatihot ." Then the guys told about the meaning of the holiday, its customs and why sages with traditional fruits Tu Bi Shevat compared the Jewish people .

锗眢赅Then there were fun games. During the game, we even learned a few words in Hebrew.

After playing , we have prepared a table for planting . Children themselves planted sprouts , and then signed his every pot to coming in Chesed , watch as developing their "child" . Active participation in this process took our two-year- Ashab and Zlata . Even year-old Eva performed important commandment carefully planted plants watered . This activity is very fascinated crumbs and watered were not only sprouts ...

锗眢赅After that, the table was laid . His main decoration steel fruit that made ??eat on Tu bi Shvat : olives, dates, raisins , figs and pomegranates . Also, guests were offered a sweet cake . Before the meal Sema Gorecki a prayer - blessing.

Nice to sit in a warm cozy Hesed a cup of tea , feel like a member of a large Jewish family , talk about life, to discuss vital business community and realize once again the importance of following the ways of their ancestors.

Such events always leave fond memories and encouraged to look for new meetings. And the next holiday, which will meet community - Purim .

Rada Rodina

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