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New Time - New Problems

Almaty 14.03.08

From 11 to 13 of March there was regional meeting devoted to problems of everyday life of Hasadim. Leaders of welfare organizations from Central Asia countries, Transcaucasia and South Russia shared their experience of work in conditions of shortening budget.Max Wiesel - the representative of "Joint" in Central Asia has coordinated brain-work of the meeting.

The meeting was full of meaning. Natalya Rinkovskaya and rabbi Meir Shlezinger have told about organizations of communities in the ancients and middle centuries. Like a thin string they stretched from immemorial ages to the present time, telling about traditions and rules that are going on now. Nataliya asked the audiences some fundamental questions: "What is the Community?", "What is it for?" Leaders of Jewish organizations looked for answers on these questions. The answers that will help them to built the community today and in future.

The doctor of historical science Michael Beiser has told about "Joint" organization and how it has began to work, how it was functioning during the World War II and helped Jews, who lived in USSR.

Members of the Board of "Youth leadership" program have told about their work in Kazakhstan. "Interest of the young people to the Community life is a guarantee the Community will exist" - noted the president of Association of Jewish National Organizations of Kazakhstan "Mitsva" Alexander Baron. "Our youth is our future. They will continue our cause" Directors of Aktobe and Pavlodar Hasadim Elena Untenko and Tatyana Slivinskaya have made speeches on this meeting.

They presented two projects - their diploma work, that will allow to rise of activities of communities organizations on a new level and to active of definitely financial stable. The projects were made for Kazakhstan. They抣l allow raising effectiveness of work and quality of services given by Hasadim.

Undoubtedly, leaders of the Jewish community organizations meet difficulties every day. This are complicated incidents in unfavorably families and problems with the people that have chronic illness and many other problems. We want to hold all of them, but sometime can't do that. On the meeting were discussed this problems and many other vital questions. This regional meeting helped the leaders to plan their future work.

Anna Naumova

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