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September 19 - 24, Semipalatinsk, Pavlodar, Astana, Karaganda

  From September 19 to 24 the Jewish theatre "Seven Forty" from Ust-Kamenogorsk city went on tour throughout Kazakhstan. Heseds and Community centers in Semipalatinsk, Pavlodar, Astana and Karaganda welcomed the actors. The organizers rented the best professional halls of regional dramatic theatres, and in Karaganda city the small hall of Music Comedy Theatre was leased. The actors of "Seven Forty" theatre preformed a "Severed Branch" play, the staging of St.-Petersburg playwright Igor Shprits's work. The troupe presented that play on the First Festival of Jewish Theatres in Moscow in 2002 and was awarded the Diploma of the Festival. But in spite of that, the Jewish community of Kazakhstan had a chance to see the play only during the tour.

  Preparations for the tour were not easy, but interesting: everyday rehearsals, scrupulous work at every mise en scene and whole episodes, working over roles, There were difficulties with substitution of two actors. Those who had played before were not able to go on tour together with the theatre, but the troupe managed to solve the problem. During the tour the troupe showed an unusual capacity for work. The stiff schedule did not let anybody relax. They were traveling from one city to another at night and giving performances during the day. The tiredness of many days was compensated with jokes, good mood, and vivid impressions they got on their way throughout Kazakhstan.

  But now that all difficulties are in the past, they remember only pleasant and happy moments of the tour. The thing that rejoiced the troupe most was the warmth and cordiality, with which the audience accepted their play, reacted on the humor and cheered the actors. In every city the audience would not let the troupe go away from the stage. After performances there was a friendly chat, spectators shared impressions with the actors. Not only amateurs, but also professionals gave a high evaluation to the play.

  "The play was performed well, staged tastefully and with a sense of proportion, we appreciate the work of actors and the director".

  The tour is over, but there will be new stagings and plans. The troupe is currently selecting material for future plays. Let us wish the Jewish theatre "Seven Forty" success in everything they do.

  P.S: During a business meeting with the actors and the director in Pavlodar a representative of the Department of Culture offered the Jewish theatre to conclude treaty for further cooperation.

Fanya Suponitskaya

Sucsessful tour
Sucsessful tour
  "Severed Branch"
"Severed Branch" play
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