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  "Every name is a new step in the study of the history of Jews in Kazakhstan!" - said the head of "Rimon" JCC Rufa Boguslavskaya. "How important is it for us? I think, the First International conference "Jews in Kazakhstan: History, Religion, Culture" held in Almaty in November was the best answer for this question".

  Naum Yakovlevitch Shilman is well known in Kazakhstan. Being a professional military man, he devoted all his life to photographing and amateur cinema. In 1968 he became a member of Almaty "Medeo" photographers' club. His works were exhibited in many international photo-exhibitions. He still keeps in touch with his friends and associates from "Medeo" club and sends them his new pictures. Now Naum Shilman lives in the USA in the circle of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And we still rejoice at his brilliant photographs.

  On December 5, 2002 an exhibition of his new and old works opened in Hesed "Polina". Unusual for Shilman's style colored pictures "Spring", "Trio", "Present For My Beloved One" were placed along with black-and-white pictures "Soloist", "Morning", "Up To the Stars", "End Of the Season". One falls in love in his pictures at the first sight. Even time cannot diminish the fire of human hearts burning in the shots.

  The photographer's friends, worshippers, associates and also members of the community who remembered him well came to the opening of his exhibition. They could not stop talking about Naum Yakovlevitch, sharing recollections, admiring his photographs. In spite of long years lived apart, he will remain "ours" forever. Live till 120 years, Our Master!

Galina Goldberg

Naum Shilman
Naum Shilman
Master's friends and worshippers
Every name is a new step in the study of the history of Jews in Kazakhstan
The fire of  human hearts burns in the shots
Shilman's photo-exhibition
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