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  My name is Sasha, nice to meet you! No, you are not mistaken - it is me on the picture, that is how I looked 4 months ago. Of course, now I have a better hairstyle and even the first tooth.

  You think I am too young to be a reporter, don't you? Maybe you are right, but that is the way my life is. As long as I remember myself, I have always come across my own pictures in "Davar" newspaper. You know, I am tired of being just a model, I want to say something myself. Well, since I cannot yet say it, I am writing. But what should I write? Usually people write the things they are anxious about at the moment. OK, then I will write about the children of the Almaty Jewish community.

  We have been celebrating Chanukah for six days already. How much joy, fun, and lights are everywhere! Children from "Rimon" JCC have been preparing their performance for the final Chanukah concert for several weeks. Every event of such kind is a great responsibility and the children cannot afford to miss rehearsals even during the holiday. As a reporter I have an opportunity to call on the rehearsal hall. And the things I see there Stop, I'd better tell about everything from the beginning.

  Eight girls in colored dresses are lining up. The ninth one, Masha, is running out entangling in her long skirt and stands in the center. The whole construction reminds me something.

  "Look, sunny, it is Chanukiah!" - whispers my mother in my ear. She is so wise and caring. That is right, you had to take off the bonnet long ago, the frills do not let me see well.

  Chanukiah Grandpa is also wise, he told me about it. It is a kind of lamp lit on Chanukah in memory of the miracle worked by G-d long ago. Oh, the girls have started reciting poems. What are they talking about? The Temple, Macabees, rebellion? Yes, I remember, it is also from grandpa's story:

  "Cruel Syrian king Antioh decided to destroy Judaism. His wars profaned the Temple in Jerusalem. The Jews could not stand it anymore! Matityahu and his five sons excited rebellion."

  Boys and girls are standing on the stage. It is called a choir. Children are singing "Merry Chanukah" song. It is a pity I have not yet learnt to speak, and I cannot sing together with them. But I can clap my hands!

  The decor is changed again. Children are arranging chairs and bringing a dish with doughnuts and latkes. It looks nice and seems to taste the same. Do they have a break? No, it is just the beginning of the next sketch. Oh, no, mommy, where are you taking me? I haven't watched it till the end!!!!! If my father-photograph had been there, we surely would have stayed till the end of the performance! And now No, the sodden pamper has nothing to do with this, mommy! Well, I will have to wait till the 8 of December when children from "Rimon" JCC perform their sketch, and that time I will stay till the end without fail.

Sasha Semchuk

Our reporter
My name is Sasha
Merry Chanukah
Merry Chanukah
It reminds me something
Sufganiot pastry performed by a young actor
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