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  On Kislev 26 (December 1) Jews of Karaganda city began to celebrate the festival of lights and freedom - Chanukah. Most of Jewish organizations of the city - JCC at Hesed "Miriam", Religious union "Jewish Community of Karaganda City", Jewish educational complex "Or Avner", "Mehina" Sunday school at Consulate of Israel prepared the city celebration together.

  The concert was opened by the performance of the youth club at "Miriam" JCC. The play full of ardor and enthusiasm told about Chanukah. Fairy plot did not prevent the audience from concentrating on the tragic episodes of the history. The leading actors with their brilliant play set the mood for all further performances.

  After the concert the youth club of "Miriam" JCC gathered in the hall of the Palace of culture. With the help of JCC director Irina Kozhanovskaya and coordinator of Hesed religious program Alexander Abramovitch the members of the youth club prepared their own program. There was almost everything: traditional lighting the Chanukah candles, discussions about the history of Chanukah, festive quiz, and games.

  The eight-day holiday was concluded by the celebration organized by the family club. Its main participants were children. All the guests solved quizzes, played the dreidel, and sang songs. Everybody was delighted with the holiday.

Alexander Kotlitsky

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