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Celebrating Sukkoth in Aktobe City

Hag Sameakh!  Jewish community of Aktobe City celebrated Sukkoth on 7 October in the open air. More than 80 people went to the resort "Neftyanik". The resort has a big comfortable hall, gym, sports ground and a wonderful park. Everybody keeps good memories about the last year celebration of Sukkoth, so we came to celebrate the Holiday of Hut again.

  The program of the holiday was very interesting: makkabiada and chess tournament, Quiz on Sukkoth Tradition and the contest of children drawings on asphalt and building of Sukka, of course.

  Family teams participated in different events: sack running, weight lifting, relay race, and table tennis. Chess Club under the direction of Semyon Reznik performed chess tournament.

  All the participants of makkabiada both adults and children ran, jumped and threw balls with the great enthusiasm匩obody needed to be persuaded and there was no end of people who wanted to participate in the competitions. For instance, the Syomins family participated in all competitions.

  After competitions the director of the family club Polina Savitskaya was a quizmaster for the quiz on Sukkoth tradition. The questions were complicated and interesting, and the participants of the quiz showed their deep knowledge of the Tradition, especially children who appeared to know a lot of things about the Jewish holidays and traditions.

  The young children participated in the contest of drawings on asphalt. They drew pictures on Jewish themes, showing their knowledge given in JCC children groups. The most frequent were the pictures of Sukkoth.

  The central event of the holiday, its apotheosis was building of sukka. Everybody participated in it. German Krasilnikov and Mark Ioffe directed it. Mainly there were men though women contributed the building, too. But basically ladies helped men by singing songs in Hebrew and giving advices.

  In closing the winners of the competitions got their prizes, and the holiday was finished with dances and songs. Everybody was happy with the time spent together.

Irina Kopyto

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