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Hesed Faina sponsored by "Joint"
 Vladimir Lebedev
Director Vladimir Lebedev
Phone number +7 (7232) 26-25-14
Fax +7 (7232) 26-25-14
E-mail faina@vpnet.kz

  The first information about the Jews in East Kazakhstan dates back to 1825. That year 12 Jews were registered in Semipalatinsk. In 1861 8 Jews lived in Ust-Kamenogorsk. According to historians they could be prisoners of war, exiles, merchants etc.

  175 years later "Hesed" Faina celebrated its first anniversary. The Hesed was growing and developing and gradually changed into a cosy Jewish home. The number of Hesed visitors is growing everyday. It is not only due to the staff. The clients also participate in the program operation and help to prepare them. Even the severe winter is not an obstacle for them.

  At present the following programs ran in the Hesed:

FOOD PROGRAMSFOOD PROGRAMS - The main aim of these programs is to provide the needy community members with hot meals and food packages. Hesed clients come to the Hesed soup kitchen. Those unable to come, receive hot meals at home. Besides, Jewish holidays, Shabbat celebrations and other activities are presented in the soup kitchens. People do not feel lonely anymore; the Jewish culture is revived.
The head is Svetlana Liberman.

HOMECARE SERVICE - helps immobile clients unable to serve themselves. There are few employees, but they provide vital assistance to the needy community members. They help about everyday issues and social rehabilitation of the aged.
The head is Tamara Rozanova.

MEDICAL PROGRAMSMEDICAL PROGRAMS - Visiting the ill is one of the most important commandments. One visiting the ill brings him or her comfort and strength. The Hesed medical program purchase medicines, provides medical consultations, and distributes rehabilitation equipment.
The head is Natalya Nedobitko.

WINTER RELIEF - This service is very topical for our region, where the winter lasts for 6 months. The needy clients receive winter clothes, coal, firewood, etc. It is a vital support in our severe conditions.
VOLUNTEERS - Thanks to volunteers' selfless work the Hesed is able to provide various kinds of assistance to the aged, disabled, and lone.
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