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Jewish Cultural Center "Miriam"

Chairman Edward Kassitskiy
Phone number +7 (7212) 41-14-70
Fax +7 (7212) 42-25-67

The first record about celebration Jewish holidays in Karaganda City was in 1993.

Edward Kassitskiy
The Chairman is Edward Kassitskiy

   Jewish Cultural Center, which was established in 1991, organized national holidays in the city itself and in satellite towns. The first one was Rosh-Ha-Shannah in Maykuduk. Nuggets of collected information about people were useful, and all people met together to celebrate Rosh-Ha-Shannah. Since that moment the life in the Community moved into high gear. People began to met regularly, they began to discuss the questions they were interested in, remember Jewish holidays and how they used to celebrate them. The adherence to traditions seemed to be very strong; many deported during the War Jews managed to study in Jewish schools, existed in thirties on the territory of the USSR.

People of our community  The Center grew up little by little and the lectures, Yiddish and Hebrew classes and studying literature given by "Joint" became traditional. People came there to share the loneliness and their life experience and to know more about lives of other people. And the Community seemed to be like a large family.

  Now the Center is an "umbrella" for almost all Jewish organizations of the City: Hesed 'Miriam" and Community Cultural Center. And people meeting each other are saying proudly: "We met owing to the Jewish Center".

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