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Jewish Cultural Center "Aliya"
Chairman: Pavel Tkach
Phone number: 8 7122 455032

Good News!

Jewish City Library opened on 1 September 2001! The stock of the library consists of the books sent by the Jewish Republican Library (supported by JDC) and books presented to the Community by its members. There are really good books there: "The History of Jewish People", books in Yiddish, dictionaries and many others.

About 50 readers are served in the library. Children can read fairy tails, adult people - literature written by national writers, books about Jewish culture and traditions.

The librarian is Lyudmila Tokareva.

Pesach  JCC in Atyrau, which was founded on 28 March 2000, has many guidelines in its work.

  The first and the main guideline is connected with Jewish traditions. Actually holidays occupy a highly important place in the life of Jewish people. The history itself supposes not only celebration of a holiday but dramatization and observance of the tradition. The second one is spiritual heritage of Jewish people. Study Club "History and traditions of Jewish people" (the head is Marina Finkelshtein) is playing a role of guide and tutor and people go to the Club with a great pleasure twice a month.

  Programs connected with national traditions are the most popular there: music, literature, art and culinary. "Freilekhs" is the Children National Art studio, where children study Hebrew and music. Once a week they gather to study dance and art. Also there is Jewish Sunday school.

Holocaust Day  Women united in the club called "Welcome to us", they study national cuisine, traditional dishes and original recipes.

  Nobody forgets about old people in Atyrau JCC. There are several welfare programs: for disabled people, pensioners, veterans and sick people. Every month needy Jews get their food packages, which make their life easy, every week they gather for Shabbat. Emiliya Grechanik - the doctor-volunteer helps people with limited abilities and disabled people. Of course, it is not enough for them but even this help is deserving of praise.

Dance Ensemble  The community is taking part in the City Cultural events. At the end of April the dance ensemble of Atyrau City JCC consists of 17 participants performed the dances: "Seven forty" and "Kambetti" in the last festival of the People of Kazakhstan. They got 4th place and were really happy. A few days later during the Holiday of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan in addition to dances the Jewish Community built their dwelling - Sukkah. And then all epicures could try national Jewish cuisine inside it, read papers and magazines, telling about the life of Jews in different Communities and all over the world.

Shabbat Traditions is going on  Jewish Community of the city is growing constantly. Thus, in May 2001 there were 176 people there. People enjoy coming there; they recall memories about the past, about tradition and the history of Jews. Children are involved in all this in a special way: they enjoy studying things about Israel, and sometimes they just "brake foundation" making adults celebrate Shabbat at home. And what is more it is the way for them to realize their personality.

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