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  Volunteering is a spiritual basis of Jewish mutual aid. The more developed are community members' feelings of love and responsibility for each other, the stronger and solider are the Jews. We are proud of having such People. Their holiday, "Volunteer's Day" was celebrated on October 6 in the community of Almaty city.

  Since the early morning the silence of "Daulet" educational and health complex in Zailiysky Alatau was broken by a merry laughter, excited voices, and Jewish melodies. Crimson color of dried apricot trees and green of fir-trees mixed with the smell of tart mountain wind repeating the thanks to volunteers, that were uttered by the head of the volunteer program Galina Onichko. How many cheerful sparkling eyes were there! Who can believe that Abraham Michailovich Finkel, the volunteer of the Republican Jewish Library, was 92 years old. That restless man in his prime comes to Hesed every day to help in brining newspaper filings in order. And what about Ideya Josephovna Panova? There is hardly a client of the "Meals" program who remembers that she is a volunteer. The clients used to her help so much, that they consider her to be an employee. The list of such people is very long. We are proud of every our volunteer, we remember and care about everybody!!!

  The celebration of "Volunteer's Day" followed its course. Svetlana Nezhinskaya and Tatyana Levenberg told guests about the recent Jewish holidays - Rosh-ha-Shannah, Yom-Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. And again a fish's head, honey, apples, pomegranate, lulav, and etrog rose before the guests' eyes. "Nehama" ensemble sang volunteers' favorite songs: "Golden Jerusalem", "Hava Nagila", and "Seven Forty". The free-will assistants were given colorful testimonial diplomas. Everybody was glad with the meeting and the warm autumn day, and gaily took part in games and quizzes.

  Even during the celebration the volunteers of Hesed "Polina" remained a team. They felt queerly when divided into teams and competed in the knowledge of Jewish Tradition and history. They became a family long ago - a big, solid, united family. They supplement each other like pomegranate kernels, though every volunteer is an individual, and they always say "WE" when speaking about their work in Hesed.

The basis of Jewish mutual aid
The basis of Jewish mutual aid
  Congratulating volunteers
Abraham Michailovich Finkel and Galina Onichko
"卼he one, who separates oneself from the community will not see its renewal"
but "the one who shares the misfortunes of the community will see it prospering"
Babylon Talmud, Tahanit 11a

Galina Goldberg

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