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Second Edition

Cover of the book
Second edition

  The second edition releases the documents of pre-revolution period. The difference between this and previous edition is in deeper insight into the themes. A considerable part of the book is dedicated to Jewish physicians and pharmaceutics; the theme was never covered. The activity of Jewish physicians in Kazakhstan associates with Soviet time and especially with The Great Patriotic War period. Meanwhile, the archival documents confirm the presence of Jewish physicians in Kazakhstan even in 60s of XIX century. These sources allow us to evaluate the considerable contribution Jews made in Health Service in the remote area of Russian Empire. Published materials in detail uncover one of the occupations of Jewish people lived in Kazakhstan of that time and they show it was not just trade and handy craft. And the activity of doctor Rosenblyum can be considered as an example of professional activity; and a separate article is dedicated to him.

The second edition of "The History of Jews in Kazakhstan" was prepared and issued in comparatively short period of time. It became possible due to the help of Alexander Mashkevich the book's Chief Editor and the President of Jewish Congress of Kazakhstan, and also the staff of Alexander Baron, the President of "Mitsva" Association. Special thank to the Kazakhstani Central Archive employees for their help to the authors. We appreciate their help and looking forward to future cooperation.

e-mail: history@mitsva.kz
phone numbers. +7 (3272) 730-411, 506-292
contacts: Alexander Baron, Isaak Grinberg.

Isaak Grinberg



S.A. Urashev " Particular qualities of religious life of Jews in Vernyy"

T.P. Volkova "Bukhara Jews in Kazakhstan in XIX - beginning of XX century

M.V. Zhilkin, T.I. Zhilkina "The development of pharmacy in pre-revolutionary Kazakhstan and participation Jews pharmacists in it"

M.V. Zhilkin, T.I. Zhilkina " Jewish physicians in pre-revolutionary Kazakhstan

M.V. Zhilkin "Doctor Rozenblyum"

M.V. Zhilkin, T.I. Zhilkina "List of Jewish physicians"

A.P. Yarkov "Five topics of one biography"

Appendix. The discussion of the first edition of the book "The History of Jews in Kazakhstan"

  The book is edited under the sponsorship of JDC, FSU Dept.

  Almaty, KazgosINTI, 2002.

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