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   This year the Honored artist of Kazakhstan Lev Bokserman would be 75 years old. For many years the images created by the actor gathered innumerable audience. Living in Almaty we were luckier than residents of other cities. Since November 11, 1963 Lev Elyevich started working in Almaty Academic Russian Drama Lermontov Theatre. It is there that Bokserman's famous Don Juan ("Slave of Her Own Beloved"), Edmond ("King Lear"), Prince Yusupov ("Empress's Plot") appeared.

  Lev Bokserman was born in Ukraine, in the family of Orthodox Jews. His father Elya Leybovich had been a house painter all his life and never spoke Russian well. His mother Sura Iryevna Dashevskaya was a daughter of a broken businessman. In the beginning of the World War II the whole family was evacuated to Tashkent. Lev Bokserman's youth passed in that city.

  In 1941 he entered Tashkent Electromechanical Technical School. Once he called on a theatrical circle and went mad on the theatre. Seeing his keenness, teachers send Bokserman to study in Tashkent University of Dramatic Art. There, under the direction of Ridal, he got acquainted with details of his future profession. Study along with his gifted group-mates Bronev, Tkachuk, Zaidenberg polished his talent. After graduation he was sent to work in the Theatre of Young Spectators. But those were only first steps of the Talent in his long and brilliant creative development.

  Lev Bokserman's name for contemporary actors is a symbol of professionalism and outstanding personality. For older actors his name also symbolizes the period of people's touching belief in the power of art. Jewish Community of Almaty could not set his diamond anniversary aside. Lev Bokserman's memorial evening took place on September 23 in the show-room of Hesed "Polina". Many warm words were said about the actor by his colleges, national artists of Kazakhstan Rubem Andriasyan, Liya Nelskaya, Gennady Balayev and admirers Ludmila Varshavskaya, Adolph Artsishevsky. The actor's close friend Boris Abramovich helped the guests to look at Bokserman as a person:

  "Lev was a very sociable, friendly, open man. He treated his colleges, admirers, and strangers with equal warmth. His easiness of behavior attracted young actors. They asked advises, sought for the "philosophers' stone" in him, and he wondered what a great adviser they thought him to be. At heart Lev has always been a "beginner", he never ceased looking for the right intonation fitting a new image, and he never was quite sure that the role was a success."

  Having passed away in his prime, Lev Elyevich will always remain in memory of thousand of his admirers as brilliant Don Juan. And it was the reason why his memorial evening was full of bright humor. The guests remembered him smiling and thinking, how great it is that such a man lived and lives in his roles and his admirer's memory.

  That evening the show-room of Hesed "Polina" was crowded. Chairs were not enough, but it did not scare people away. "There is a price to be paid for love!" - they said catching everything the presenter was saying. Nobody noticed how it got dark. The meeting lasted for three hours instead of one hour planned. The guests did not want to go away, they were endlessly saying good-bye, and already standing on the threshold they were remembering something new about the artist. Let the outstanding actor Lev Bokserman be remembered forever!

Galina Goldberg

Boris Abramovich
A few words about our friend
  Gregory Balayev
Near Lev I felt myself a Jew
All his life is in these playbills
All his life is in these playbills
People remembered about Bokserman and smiled
People remembered about Bokserman and smiled
Photo of Vladimir Semchuk
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