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The best site of the week

  "Mitsva" Association, Kazakhstan is the best site of the week. Let me start with the thing that struck me most - the design. The site is made with love. The rubricator is polished, but without excess. The names of rubrics first appear in Russian, but if you move the mouse pointer, they shift smoothly, and you see the English "mirror" of the page. When visiting this page you can find out about cultural life of Jewish communities in Kazakhstan, see pictures of public men and learn what they do for their people. It is significant that telephone numbers are written right there, and short but very clear description helps to understand what a community is famous for.

  The site designers constantly watch the cultural and social life of the region. Every event, even the most insignificant one, is placed in the "news" section. News are supplemented with small pictures that draw attention to the most significant events in life of Jews in the region. However, there could be more pictures. When we are introduced a community, we want to know how people live there. Of course, written information is great, but we would like to see the representatives.

  Anyway the creators of the site achieved their aim - to tell about life of Jews in Kazakhstan. Besides, they managed to systematize data about different communities of the region, and first of all they had to collect them and put in order The main thing is that the site shows the visitors what a many-sided life Jews lead, what interest, aims they have, what they think of and how they picture their future. We see the community life is constantly being improved, libraries and cultural centers are created.

  We can wish the creators of the site only one thing - to have more pictures in the site. They may not be large. The main thing is to let one have a look at the world of the Jewish community. All of us like it when people rejoice together with us.

Alexander Shteynma
web-site Jewish.ru

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