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"Birthday is not a very
important holiday for Jews;
anniversary is what a Jew
Mendele Moiher Sforim


  On July 20 the members of Petropavlovsk Community (a group of activists from JCC, religious center, Hesed, and youth club) took part in cleaning the territory of the Jewish cemetery. What made them do it? Simple human moral principles. These principles underlie the Jewish Tradition. Care of the deceased's grave as well as escorting the body to the cemetery is called a "true mercy". Such deeds make people see the real nature of a person, who do not expect to get any remuneration.

  Today the cemetery is nearly 70 years old. First graves date back to 1937-1938. Many burials were made during the Great Patriotic War. The cemetery was closed for new burials several years ago. No wonder that there are many desolated graves that need to be looked after. The cemetery territory also has not been cleaned for many years. So active workers' task was not very easy. Piles of garbage were collected, trees were cut, last year's leaves were swept away from the central roads of the cemetery. The community members put desolated graves in order.

  It is symbolic that the participants of the action were of young, middle and elder generation. They were united by the respect for memory of their forefathers. They said: "It doesn't matter that we didn't know those whose graves we have cleaned. They are our brothers and it is our duty to keep a good memory about the deceased by looking after the last place where they found shelter".

Igor Zhigarlovsky

In memory of the deceased
Representative of three generations took part in the action
  True mercy
True mercy
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