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Happy Birthday, "Ruth"!

  Women's Club "Ruth" celebrated its first birthday on Sunday, 27 May 2001. Born as a brilliant "child", it grew up healthy, intelligent and well educated. At an early age in contrast to other naughty children, "Ruth" knew exactly who were its parents, and was brought up in the best tradition of home, where it was born. It knows exactly what national tradition means to it, about the role that women play in Jewish Community. It learnt a lot during the first year of its life.

  The Club has its own participants, emblem, motto and even an anthem, which was performed by all invitees. Margarita Trofimova, the Head of the Club is the unique person.

  The Program of the Birthday Party was very interesting; the guests and the hosts sang songs composed by themselves and read poems. The table was laid out, and the meal on it was not just beautiful but very good. The party was going on; all invitees with pleasure participated in an intellectual quiz prepared by Nonna Gatsenko. Winners got their prizes for correct answers. In the contest "Who is who" participants needed to recognize the clubwomen in their children pictures. They puzzled over them but then finally found out. The invitees watched some sketches based on Jewish anecdotes. The atmosphere of the party was very warm as in a house with a good hostess.

  It is a good thing that Jewish women have their club, their second "home" warmed by a big heart of Natalya Dorman the director of Hesed, Rufina Boguslavskaya, the director of the Community Center and Rita, the Head of the Club.

  Everybody was having a really good time at the party, sang songs, danced. Nobody wanted to go home but About 60 women including invitees went home to celebrate Shavuot according to Jewish tradition.

  Dear "Ruth", we wish you good luck and happiness! We wish the clubwomen to have many happy and joyful days with you! We wish you all the best!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
  Other clubs members are celebrating with us
Other clubs members are celebrating with us
  This is a festival!
This is a festival!
  Feast picture card
Feast picture card
Photos by Miroslav Gatsenko
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