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  She was born in Moscow in 1921.
  She has been living in Almaty since July 1941.
  She has been a pediatrician since 1942. She has been a Doctor of Medical science since 1975.
  She is the author of three books and more than 100 treatises. In 2001 she published the book "A word about Mama".

  She was an elocutionist in 1944. Galina Plotnikova studied in the drama school attached to the Drama Theatre named after Lermontov in 1945-1951. She taught elocution in the drama school in 1945-48.

  Since 1975 she has been an amateurish artist, and by now she has 523 panting (watercolor and tempera), 1022 drawings (in pencil, charcoal and pastel crayon). She used to go to art studio "Friday" under the direction of Ivan Yakovlevich Stadnichuk - the member of the Artist Guild. She is the member of the society "Gem".

  She participated in 42 exhibitions, including the Third Republican Exhibition of professional artists in 1977, she also had her personal exhibitions in 1982, 1986, 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, participated in group personal exhibition in 1994. In 1977 and 1987 she became a laureate of All-Union Show.

  The truth reads as follows: "If a person is really talented, he/she has a lot of talents". Galina Yevgenyevna Plotnikova is talented in different fields: pediatrician, teacher, scientist, actress, and eventually she has been painting and drawing for more 30 years.

  It is beyond belief that before the eyes of that person the entire epoch with its cataclysms and repressions, with its social upheavals and changing of generations passed by but in her paintings everything is light and there is no even a hint on difficulties and troubles in her life. She is an amazing person with complicated and wonderful life.

  When she was 54 she first took pencil and a paintbrush, that time she had no idea about painting technique, she painted "The vase with mimosas" without any background all in grains. She did not know that before starting painting in water colors the paper should have been wet, despite on that she managed to show the texture, the color and her perception of the flowers.

  Her jubilee exhibition is not summation but a sight from the present to the future. It is noticeable that none of her exhibitions have the same paintings - that is the distinctive feature of her art. Furthermore, Galina Yevgenyevna basically paints from nature; she prefers to express herself through her emotions and impressions.

  Some inaccuracy in compositions, the violation of perspective and color proportions becomes the advantage because of fullness of emotions in her paintings.

  There are many exciting impressions in the world of her original art. With every motion of her paintbrush, stroke-by-stroke a plain paper absorbs in colors. The inlay of colors like a heartbeat incarnates in "Voloshin's House" in Koktebel, in sunny beaches of Issyk-Kul and Odessa, in "Alatau Resort", "Rocks of Kokchetau"... Leningrad... Zheleznovodsk... With the artist we climb "The Almaty Dam" and suddenly get into "Blizzard", and after that admire the cupola of "Nikolskaya Church" and during "The fine day" we enjoy "The basket with chrysanthemums".

  Last year Galina Yevgenyevna draw a number of paintings on motives of illustrations for album "The Colors of promised land". Looking at them it is seems to us that we are continuing traveling... "Israel. Kanah", we are coming to "Kedron", going up "The stairs connecting the town of David with Upper town", now we're standing in front of 'The wall of weeping" (that painting is drawn with pastel on velvet paper, it was her first experience)...

  Specific characters of the places she had drawn are cognate; the impression is you are now there. You feel sad when you see "The late Fall" or "Lonelyness" drawn after she lost her husband. You can feel the delicate aroma of "The Rose", the breath of life, all scents and rustles... This world full of expression, bright colors and faces is imbued with optimism and full of empathy.

  The birth of every painting is opening of the world again and again for Plotnikova. The lack of professional skills is not preventing but assists to conceive a fancy, when watercolor not just fixes the facts of real life but reflects the originality and personality of the artist. And in this case Mood dominates over the paintbrush.

  The drawings by Galina Yevgenyevna are very light and full of air and every of them are full of the breath of life. For instance, watercolor "The Birch Path. Alma-Ata resort", where the artist drew thoroughly the building of the resort in the heart of the birch path, and after that birch trees were painted. Galina Yevgenyevna explained it she wanted to show not only the building but also the life itself and all its movements.

  All the things that the artist tries to express with her paintings namely her ability to reach bottoms of everybody's heart, her interest to everything surrounding us in our usual life through her spirituality is attracting us with the fantastic aura.

Oksana Kalkatina,
Vladimir Philatov

Galina Plotnikova
Galina Plotnikova
  The audience and  paintings
The audience and paintings
  Her story...
Her story...
Photo by Vladimir Semchuk
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