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   Everybody can become a president, a president of a company or even a country, but for that you need to know management. So, the management was the subject the youth learnt during psychological training-marathon at the end of January 2001. Ruth Boguslavskaya, the director of Jewish Community Center organized this training and Irina Zaltsan, the psychologist of Hesed Polina, conducted it. Also there was our photographer Vladimir Semchuk and Yevgeniy Bezborodov a security guard. Why at night? The answer is simple. Those who can work at night can work as a president. The aim of that training was to find leaders and to develop their abilities.

  24 people went to the hotel "Karagaly" to try themselves as statesmen and stateswomen. All participants were divided into 2 groups;and each of them had to establish their own state from the very beginning to the end. So, two new state were established: Yevreystan and Commonwealth of Independent Jews (CIJ). Both states could become the members of the World Community because they had their own budget and political programs. The leadership becomes apparent in the situations simulating intergovernmental relations. For example, one of the states has a drought and a lean year, and it is rumored in another country that there was a nuclear explosion and the radiation level is high. These two problems were solved very quickly. One state sent experts to investigate the explosion and the other offered them their radioactive potatoes. Also there was a traditional question of boarders; it was necessary to divide disputable territories. While the states were "reshaping" the map, the third pretender - Volodya appeared with his Indian State. And as a result he was given a path for drove.

  But the most interesting thing happened in a few days when the participants were watching themselves from the outside. They were watching the videotape and had a chance to estimate their attitude, their failings and said what they wanted to see in the future.

  Trainings like that are very useful; we study to work as a team, to think, to analyze situations and to develop ourselves.

Mikhail Kulikov,
Participant of the training

Discussion of the state matters
Discussion of the state matters
State holidays
State holidays
Future presidents
Future presidents
Photo by Vladimir Semchuk
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