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Sponsored by Joint, FSU Dept.
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Jewish Community Center sponsored by "Joint"
Elena Dmitriyeva
Director Elena Dmitriyeva
Phone number +7 (7262) 45-14-89
E-mail hesed@tarazinfo.kz

The following programs ran in the Community Center:

  • 0 Yiddish club is popular among the older generation, people come there to socialize, read books, and recollect forgotten words. Children also like the lessons. They study the language in the form of a game - they have already learnt the alphabet and some words. They listen to the translation of "Kasrilovsky Theatre" after Sholom Aleichem, learn poems and translate songs.

  • Hebrew club - people study alphabet and letters, translate songs.

  • Women's club consists of women of different ages. They make the schedule in advance, to invite professionals in the future - cosmetologists, physicians, musicians, ets. If a club meeting is held on the threshold of a holiday, they usually discuss the holiday customs and practices. All the club members participate in cooking Jewish food. Their meetings are concluded with learning Jewish songs.

  • Youth club unites people from 15 to 25 years old; they study Jewish culture and Tradition.

  • Shadhen club is meant to unite elderly people on the basis of their interests and age. There are various contests and quizzes. The club helped many people to find their associates.

  • Family club includes three generations - parents, children, and grandchildren. The main topic for discussion is family. The meetings are mostly dedicated to the methods of bringing up children and relations between people of different age. There are also arts and crafts lessons, drawing, study of Jewish culture and Tradition, excursions and concerts.

  • Library - The head is Ida Bukina. The library stock includes more than 500 Jewish books. Video library is always supplemented with new films about the holidays celebrated, including OFEK. Record library constantly receives new audio-cassettes and CD's with Hebrew songs. There is also a photo archive, in which photos from the most significant events are stored.

  • "Vernisazh" salon salon presents meetings with outstanding people of the city - painters, musicians, writers etc. There are excursions to exhibitions, museums, theatres etc.

  • Children's drama group has rehearsals 2-3 times a week. During the year it prepared theatrical performances for holidays: "Purim-shpil", Pesach, Rosh-ha-Shannah, Chanukah, OFEK etc.
    - Its members are children from 5 to 20 years old.
    - They work at diction, playing skills and artistry. Besides, children write fairy-tales and scripts themselves.
    - On the basis of these fairy-tales the group made a staging for the OFEK 2002. We plan to open a puppet-show.

  • Dance with candles on ChanukahDance group. During the year its members have been studying Jewish dances: "Kan", "Erets Yisrael", "Hava Nagila" etc.
    - There is a set of traditional dances for each holiday: Chanukah - "dance with candles", Rosh-ha-Shannah - "David's Star", etc.
    - The most popular are group dances: "Kan", "7.40" etc. and dancing illustrations to songs. There are two subgroups - for adults and for the youth.
    - At present a country variant of "7.40" dance is learnt.

  • Children's vocal band is singing "Bashana" songVocal band studies Jewish and Hebrew songs. The most popular are "Adon Olam", "Tum Balalaika" etc. Besides, there are many songs by Jewish composers - Shainsky, Dunaevsly etc. Besides for the choir, there are many solo and duet numbers. In general, there are more than 30 songs. All three groups work in close contact with each other.

  • Sport group is in the making.

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