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  The Hesed Faina stock started to form in June 2000 basically from the books sent from the Republican Jewish Library (Hesed Polina, Almaty). They received books edited in Jerusalem and sent by Joint for Hesed libraries. However, the readers who presented their own books extended the stock. At first there was not many readers, mainly the clients of Hesed but then the number of the readers increased. All cultural life was concentrated around the library. The clients were really interested in Jewish history and started to prepare lectures using different literature.

OFEK presentation  The new program "The Jewish history and traditions" started working at the beginning of August. Naum Isaakovich Stuchevskiy, the Chairman of the Board, read lectures about the history of Israel. In September a volunteer Yelena Rozenbaum continued this work.

  On 3 September 2000 the annual Festival of Jewish book was held in the Republican library named after Pushkin with a great success.

  Today 100 people use the library of Hesed Faina. It has different kinds of books. The most interesting themes for all the times are "Jewish sources". And as a consequence the Torah studying group was organized and the head of this group is volunteer Fanya Suponitskaya. 15-20 people are studying there and not only Hesed's clients but the other members of the Jewish community of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

  Every month Book Club presents new books to the lovers of Jewish prose and poetry. The head of the Club is Aida Levina who is keen of Jewish History and Tradition. Aida Alxandrovna studied thoroughly all the new books about Jewish History and Culture in the library. Many times she read very interesting lectures to the members of the Community.

  21 November 2001 Book Club organized lecture dedicated to poet Mikhail Svetlov. It was not just an ordinary lecture; at first people sang songs "Kakhovka", "Grenada" and "The Young Drummer" and listened to poet's life story with a great interest. Aida Levina told about his hard life.

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