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Astana 29.08.12

   Today the Hesed of Astana is similar to a disturbed beehive. The guests group of Hamanit, the elegant, excited children came on holiday to say goodbye to the summer and to friends who become first graders. The scenario of the holiday was generally constructed for maintenance of spirit of firsgrader and for a raising of good mood of all. So, the holiday begins. Riddles are loved by everyone, but today they are special: it is necessary to guess a word connected with school accessories.

And how to check them on ingenuity and spontaneous actions? The game "Camomile" (some needed the help of mother) helped. Tasks are forfeits on the chosen petal of a flower assumed drawing, performance of songs, sound imitations is a lot of other. And how many the laughter was, when it was necessary to fasten to an amusing donkey the lost tail blindfold. The 2-yeards Danechka appeared the most exact.

First graders received a complete set of school accessories. (Thanks to sponsors). Everybody were photographed. Senior children didn't forget about the younger companions who also gathered in Hesed the day before. They made the big stand 玈oon in school! with parting words of subjects at whom the new stage in life will begin on September 1st. Ilona, 10th class: - Good to you schoolmates! Successes in school!

Paulina, 8th class: - Don抰 be lazy!

Kostya, 6th class: Not to be afraid of teachers! Not to be late, not to play pranks. David, 8th class: Reach a board! Learn to write off! Rum, 8th class: Have fun on changes!

Vick, 8th class: Always with pleasure go to school! The holiday comes to an end, everyone tired a little. Parents prepared a tasty meal. Good luck!!!

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