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  On Sunday 28 January 2001 there was a holiday "A Volunteer's Day" in Hesed Faina. 25 people who disinterestedly helped Hesed were invited for consecrating into volunteers. The heads and employees thanked everybody for their contribution in welfare.
The holiday started from the song about disinterested and necessary work of volunteers:

Signs&PrizesLet the years pass away,
But volunteers will be working.
We have a lot of work to do,
It has been known for ages.
We will be working,
And strengthening our Community,
And bringing up a new generation of volunteers.

  This song was performed with the accompanied by the violin ensemble of the Jewish Community Center. Everybody was singing the refrain in the hall. A few lines in this song were dedicated to each of the volunteers and the rest of the audience found something new about their friends and colleagues.

  Everybody got badges and the list of volunteer's commandments. Musicians of the violin ensemble prepared musical congratulations.

Volunteer-prizeman  After the dedication ceremony the compere divided all the volunteers into two teams: The "Young" team and the team of "Experienced" and interesting competitions started. The result of vocal competition was a draw, the both teams tried to win but in both of them there were the real fans of Jewish songs. In drawing competition with the blindfolds the team of the "Experienced" was better. And at the competition for the best Jewish joke was very difficult to define a winner; all jokes were very funny and the audience laughed a lot.

  The Director of Hesed Faina Vladimir Lebedev made a speech he wished the generous work of volunteers will strength the Community and help the needy people.
Volunteers said many warm words addressed to Hesed. Every volunteer feels how important and responsible his job is. Volunteers who are also clients of Hesed said they wanted to see young and energetic people working as volunteers.

  There were many songs in Hebrew and Russian and at the end of the party there was a song "My dear aids", which was presented to Hesed Faina by Hesed Polina, Almaty.

  Volunteers from Leninogorsk City (who also were in the holiday) are ready to participate in welfare programs of their own city, they will try to get Jews involved in them.

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