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Tu bi Shvat - New Year for Trees

Shymkent 20.01.14

锗眢赅 Tu B'Shvat is a special holiday , he came to us through the prism of historical events that preceded the establishment of the Jewish People . Currently, there are different ways and traditions meet holiday TU BI SHVAT , tell us about it different approaches classical Jewish schools such as Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel .

Also there are a characteristic feature of the festival , which was brought from Spain by Jews who settled in the 16th century in Tsvate , they brought the mystical image Tubishvat holiday .

锗眢赅About all this in the city of Shymkent in Hesed fascinating cognitive form was described by Nicholas Atran .

Moreover , the main difference Tu Bishvat other holidays - it is its dependence on plants. A symbol of celebration - a tree . In Israel, this time of year the trees bloom , and we celebrate the New Year of Trees . Children love this holiday.

锗眢赅Gathered in the Club " Hesed " January 19 , children and their parents again remembered traditions and history of Tu Bishvat . Sitting at the feast with traditional treats - 7 fetuses , which is rich in the land of Israel - children breathlessly listened to the story of Nicholas Atran about the customs of the holiday , about caring for the Jewish people to nature, flowers, plants , how many people did Israel that their country has turned from the desert sands and swamps into a blooming garden . The kids love the comparison of a man with a tree : the root - the parents and the faith , giving us life and strength , trunk - the man himself , and the fruits - the children . A man should always grow and learn, grow , and this growth must not cease.

锗眢赅Knowledge of Jewish traditions and customs of the holiday has been tested in children specially prepared quiz crossword form which was prepared and conducted psychologist Ekaterina Lebedeva .

One of the important commandments to be performed in the holiday Tu Bi - Shevat , is planting trees . Participants of the festival brought planted the seeds and sprouts of flowers in makeshift pots . And they made the trees with wire, clay and scrap materials. As a result of these activities were very interesting and inherently distinctive layouts trees.

Hesed - a house in which each community can truly feel at home atmosphere. This festival has helped many who came to Hesed community members to plant a tree with his own hands , thereby consolidate the bond between generations of a large Jewish family.

Bella Atran

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