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Sponsored by Joint, FSU Dept.
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Jewish Community Center sponsored by "Joint"
Director   Bella Atran
Phone number +7 (7252) 57-26-04
Fax +7 (7252) 57-65-47
E-mail fox_shm@mail.ru

朽犷蜞弪 徼犭桀蝈赅The following programs run in the JCC:

  • Library program creates an information base on the Jewish Tradition, history, culture, and Judaism. The library was founded in 1999, and since then the number of its clients increased from 20 to 193 people. Every month the library stock is extended. Different activities are presented in the library, such as - library literature clubs, book presentation, poetical soirees, annual festival of the Jewish book, etc. The librarian is Vitaly Tobyas.

Children's programs:

  • Dance club, where children study Jewish folk and modern dances. It has worked for two years already. The club prepares interesting dance programs for every holiday;
  • "Samodelka" club runs during school holidays. On the lessons children draw and make articles from everything available. The head is Alesya Pinhasova;
  • Sunday school for studying Jewish tradition, Hebrew, English, and songs. It presents holiday celebration, games, and quizzes. The director is Bella Lipetskaya;
  • Alefbet program - children under 7 years old learn Jewish songs and dances, discuss holidays, customs, and traditions. The head is Irina Chibisova.

剜後囹  填腩溴骓铎 觌筢Youth Clubs (about 50 people participate in them):

  • The youth club - the Torah and Tradition study. The club participates in holiday preparation. The madrich is Nikolay Atran;
  • The youth creative studio prepares concert scenarios and performances, and participate in the community meeting arrangement. The madrich is Lena Feldsher.

项玟疣怆屙桢 桁屙桧龛觐Family programs:

  • Family club. During the meetings the club members learn the Jewish family traditions. They also take part in the community meeting arrangement. The head is Alesya Pinhasova.

Women's programs:

  • 洋觋铗  义镫铎 漕戾  .隋磴屦"Hostess" women's club. Women learn the Jewish cuisine, cooking, customs, knitting, embroidery, etc. The head is Rachilya Meyer.

Elderly people clubs:

  • "Library Literature Club" - studying the Jewish literary heritage, writers' and politicians' life and creative activity. Poetical soirees and lecturing are presented. The head is Nina Gamshieva;
  • Zodiac Day - Hesed client celebrate their birthdays. People born one month gather to congratulate each other. The head is Nina Viktorova.

卧攀Cultural Programs:

  • Language, Culture and Traditions Day. The festival of the Jewish language, culture, and tradition is held annually. The organizer is E. Udaltsova;
  • Jewish Music Ensemble. The band consists of two violins, guitar, bayan, cello, drums, and two soloists. It provides music for all Jewish holidays. The ensemble conductor is A.Korotkov;
  • "Holidays" program prepares Jewish holiday celebration, lessons on the customs and rituals. The head is E. Udaltsova;
  • Religious programs - observing religious rituals, Kabbalat Shabbat etc. The head is Andrey Spiridonov;
  • " Hebrew course "Ulpan" - Hebrew lessons. The head is Alesya Pinhasova.

Other programs:

  • Volunteers' Day. Meeting of the Hesed and JCC volunteers once a month. The head is a volunteer Liza Gembom;
  • "Hayom" newspaper publishes news of the community, Israel, culture, as well as Jewish receipts, historical events, jokes etc. The head is Rustam Kortchiev;
  • Jewish Music Ensemble provides music for all Jewish holidays. It includes seven musicians and a soloist Irina Drobot. The ensemble conductor is A.Korotkov;
  • Religious program. The head is Lev Uvaydov. Observing religious rituals, Kabbalat Shabbat, the Torah lessons, lectures on Jewish customs and traditions. The program operates not only in Shymkent, but also in the periphery.
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