Uralsk 11.05.2006

In hesed "Golda" there is a preparation for a celebratory concert and exhibition of children's creativity devoted to holidays Shavuot, Day of protection of children and beginning of work of summer Children's Day Centre. Both actions will pass in May 28 in the House of Friendship in Uralsk at participation of small Assembly of Nations of Kazakhstan.

To creative presentation left only two weeks. Therefore each Sunday in Hesed on rehearsal there come children and youth. The guys put sketches and study verses. The special popularity the compositions Gregory Oster "Harmful advice" and stories about Helems "wise men" use. By theatrical group of Hesed the performance about presentation to the Jewish people of Torah on Mount Sinai prepares.

This day - May 28 - the guys named " as Day of independence of children ", as all that will see visitors of a holiday will be made by children - children of the Jewish community in Uralsk.

Helena Kiryanova