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  Jewish people will celebrate 4 holidays of the Modern Jewish History between 9 April and 10 May 2002:

  • 27 Nissan (9 April) - Yom HaShoah - veagvura - The Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Day;
  • 4 Iyar (16 April) - Yom HaZikaron - The Memorial Day of the Soldiers of Defense Army deceased in Arabian-Israeli Wars;
  • 5 Iyar (17 April) - Yom HaAtzmaut- Independence Day of Israel;
  • 28 Iyar (10 May) - Yom Jerusalem - The Day of Jerusalem.

  These days are special for us because they apply to the recent events and many of us were their witnesses. On 21 April about 70 members of Karaganda City Community gathered in the conference hall of the Regional Museum of Local Lore and History. Natalya Sokhrannaya - the actress of the Drama Theatre compered the program. There were book and photo exhibitions, dedicated to Holocaust - the elimination of more than 6 million Jews. The poems full of emotional content and tragic spirit written by Ilya Erenburg, Musa Dzhalil and Lev Rozhetskin were read there. The most exciting moment of the evening was a story told by Arkadiy Lipmanov ex-prisoner of ghetto and Zlata Milkhman - Leningrad blockade survivor.

  Jacob Gamarnik veteran of the Second World War, medical officer and the Chairman of Hesed Board made a speech on behalf of Community Administration. The teachers of Sunday School read a short lecture about the first steps of formation Israel as a state. Alexander Abramovich coordinator of Religious Program showed the religious meaning of the Memorials Days and told about the latest Israeli news. The meeting was finished with Moment of silence and singing "Atikva".

The participants in the local lore museum
The participants in the local lore museum
  Ghetto prisoner, pensioner Arkadiy Lipmanov
Ghetto prisoner, pensioner Arkadiy Lipmanov
  Zlata Milkhman -  Leningrad blockade survivor, pediatrician
Zlata Milkhman - Leningrad blockade survivor, pediatrician
Alexander Kotlitskiy
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