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   Jury Schneiderman's literary soiree was held on October 23 in the House of Friendship. The famous aquarellist appeared as a poet. That evening visitors were introduced to his book "Aquarelle and Guitar".

  Sometimes it is hard to believe that some people can have so many talents. Jury Samuilovich Schneiderman used to work as a deputy chief of a large workshop (with 600 workers!). His pictures were acknowledged long ago. But it proved that he also writes poems, they are "easy to sing", he says. And so the author recited them accompanying himself on guitar.

  But a talent will never have success if a person has no character. Jury Schneiderman has a strong core that does not let him to break down. Being transferred to the reserve in 30 years, he took a job in a factory without qualification and worked as a metalworker's apprentice along with young people. The former commander started a new life from nothing. He worked in the factory for 35 years.

  "Aquarelle and Guitar" is not big, but a very nice book with the author's illustrations, dedicated to his granddaughter Galya. When this handsome gray man speaks about his dear girl, his eyes sparkle!

  Two hours passed away very quickly. Speakers told about the author of the new book with love. The news-department of Hesed Polina presented a computer presentation of Jury Schneiderman's books and pictures. Watercolors and photos on the screen told about life of the talented person. The painter selected pictures for the presentation himself. They embraced a great duration: starting with the war and up to now. Winter pastel landscapes and bright flaming nature morts, and everything was interesting!

  While pictures were changing on the screen, Jury Samuilovich was reading his poems, telling about his life and friends, his being evacuated and going to the war at 16. Through all those years together with him were poetry, watercolors, and guitar.

  The meeting was over, but people kept going upon the stage. Many of them wanted to say a few words about that charming and talented man whose pictures will please the Jewish community of Almaty city for many years!

  P.S: A week before the soiree an exhibition of Jury Schneiderman's works opened in Hesed Polina. Shana tova!

Ludmila Starodubova

Jury Schneiderman
"Aquarelle is my country"
  People kept going upon the stage
Comunity recognition is the best stimulus
Jury Schneiderman's book of poetry
Jury Schneiderman's book of poetry
Photo of Vladimir Semchuk
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