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  "Leshana tova tikateivu" ("May you be written down to the next year") - this greeting was said by Jews all over the world for several weeks. And finally this day has come! Shofars sounded in synagogues and women put on the tables fish cooked with its head, apples, and honey. We gathered together to celebrate Rosh-ha-Shannah.

  On September 8 "Rimon" Jewish community center presented its concert in the Theatre of Young Spectators in Almaty. The president of "Mitsva" Association Alexander Baron congratulated all the guests. Summing up the past year Alexander Baron reminded about the progress of the community in Kazakhstan and all the best we have done. He also remarked that unfortunately the passed 365 days were not easy for Israel, but we pray for our historical motherland and hope that the next year will bring Israel peace and welfare.

  As if repeating Alexander Baron's words, the "Happy New Year" song sounded and children entered upon the stage. They prepared a fascinating performance together with the tutors and employees of JCC - Larisa Poltavskaya, Sonya Boguslavskaya, Tatiana Kokoreva, and Ilya Lamah. The children performed sketches "At Aunty Levi's" and "Abraham's Offering". Their clear, sincere voices made the audience catch every word, trembling before the Almighty together with Abraham and Isaac. As a reward for the performance every child got a present.

 Then there was a quiz on the Tradition, Rosh-ha-Shannah customs and practices. Three teams consisting of members of woman's, youth, and family clubs answered the quizmaster's questions. It was not an easy task to determine the winner. Finally, the winner became "New Year's Rimon" team. After the concert the community members were shown a computer presentation "Children are Our Wealth" telling about the work of "Rimon" community center. It was made by the pupils of Hesed "Polina" computer class under the direction of their teacher Marianna Ryapolova. It was a New Year's present from the young generation to the older one.

  In the threatre hall Klezmers ensemble led by Eduard Blend played favorite songs. Nobody wanted to go away. The guests smiled, congratulated each other, not noticing that their bodies started dancing to "7-40" song. Shana Tova!

Galina Goldberg

Celebration of Rosh-ha-Shannah
Celebration of Rosh-ha-Shannah by the Jewish community in Almaty
Children are our future
Children are our future
Klezmers ensemble of Almaty city
Klezmers ensemble of Almaty city
Shana Tova
Shana Tova
Photo from Vladimir Semchuk


Karina Roytman   It is such a fun in Jewish Community center "Rimon". We play, study the Torah and Hebrew, draw, walk, go to the Zoo. I have got a lot of friends. Our teachers are kind. I like singing and making articles with my own hands, and also I like staging the sketches that Tanya and Ilya think out.

  Recently we have celebrated Rosh-ha-Shannah. I sang songs on the concert together with other guys and played a boy in a sketch "At Aunty Levi's". We were cheered, given a color-box, pencils, construction paper, and a big pencil-case with pens. Then I and my father went to watch a movie. It showed our articles and drawings, and also photos of Mashenka, Stas, Misha, Slava I liked celebration of the Jewish New Year! We ate honey with apples and laughed.

Karina Roytman

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