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  Purim the most joyful and the most favorite holiday from little up took place in Petropavlovsk City on 24 February 2002 in one of the school canteens.

The cozy hall was decorated with the small bright flags and balloons; the tables were laid with mineral water, fruit and some salads. And the children served out our favorite homentashes during the show. The Youth Club took initiative and prepared a bright holiday wall newspaper about the holiday and comic poems; also they organized the trade exhibition of hand made articles: masks and rattles. The collected money was put into tsdaka before everybody's eyes. Those people who wished to make a donation also did it. Mark Vitkin the Chairman of the National Cultural Center celebrated the audience in Hebrew, after him Lev Kuntarovskiy the Director of the Religious Center read benediction on Magelat Ester, and then Igor Zhigarlovsliy, religious volunteer read the whole Roll. Everybody listened it silently with a great interest. And then the vocal group "Shalom" sang two songs prepared especially for the Holiday.

And after a short break there was a quiz about Purim and winners got their prizes.

Anatoliy Nargelans the actor of Drama Theatre presented a very interesting game for the children. Two groups of children were sit opposite each other and they were wearing blindfolds and painted their vis-a-vi using theatrical make up into Aman or Ester, or Mordekhay. The result you can see in the photo. Both participants and guests were falling about. If you could see painted and amazed children faces!

Then the old people who usually go home earlier asked the ensemble "Shalom" to sing a few songs; and the most active old ladies even started dancing.

Children were the highlight of the program. It was absolutely extemporaneous performance in makeshift costumes accompanied by reading of Magelat Ester rhymed by Igor Zhigarlovskiy.

The audience had a few more contests and quizzes. Purim was a success merry and joyful as it should be.

People were laughing, dancing, singing songs. "Purim, Purim shalom" People kept saying it to each other.

Vocal group "Shalom" sings Purim songs
Vocal group "Shalom" sings Purim songs
  Players in make up
Players in make up
  Children theatre
Children theatre
  Dances at happy Purim
Dances at happy Purim
Svetlana Makarovskaya
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