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Tsedakah  On the sixth day of Chanukah one of Israeli businessmen visited Hesed Polina. He came to us not empty-handed.

  "I did not plan to give my present exactly on Chanukah, but it is a pleasant coincidence!" - he said.

  The Jewish community of Kazakhstan was presented with two sets of "Pentateuch" with RaShI comments under redaction of Frima Gurfinkel.

  "It is very important for me that my gift does good for the people, make them know more about the Jewish Tradition, and, of course, become closer to the Torah. The Torah is the basis of the Jews, the way all of us should go."

  This present is very precious for us. Especially for Jews in Kazakhstani cities that do not yet have a synagogue.

  "Alexander Baron told me that there are synagogues in Almaty, Astana, Pavlodar, and Shymkent. That is why we give the Torah to Hesed, because often Hesed is the only connecting-link between the community and religion," - explained the guest.
Though our grantor has lived in Kazakhstan for three years, he visited Hesed Polina for the first time. I wonder, what impression he gained.

 "Since I came to this country, I heard many good things about you. And finally I see Hesed Polina with my own eyes. It is great that far away from Israel Jews have a place to find out about their people and to get help. I see that workers and clients get pleasure from association with each other.

  "I haven't seen lives of many communities, but I can say that what you do here in Kazakhstan is great! Everything is made in such a way that people in spite of their age feel warm here."

The conversation was held by Galina Goldberg

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