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Chanukah came into our home  Day Center became a real home for many people. Its members look forward to meeting their new friends, the people whose lives soon will join the lives of those who already know this place. Our center has a good tradition - the first meeting of every new group is held under the title "While Candle Is Burning". Why a candle? Its light takes away to the past all misfortunes and sorrows and revives people's love for life.

  When coming to the Day Center you take the first step back to the family-community. Soon you begin to understand that life is measured not by days but by warm recollections. And Chanukah 5763 also came in our home to give us joy and pleasure.

  We are happy that just before the holiday in our Center appeared one more family (group) consisting of 9 members. But it is not all. Children also congratulated us on Chanukah. The elders, Andrey and Oksana, students of "Prestige" university told the history of the holiday, the procedure of candle lighting, held a quiz, and sang some Chanukah songs. Younger children from Mazal Tov program performed the "Chanukah Candles" play. Wonderful pure poems recited by smiling girls-candles warmed up the souls of the members of Day Center.

  But the older generation returned the favor. As a present children received doughnuts and unforgettable dance with candles. And then there were games, games, and games! And there were no adults and no children any more, only friends.

  The honorable task of lighting Chanukah candles was performed by Melech Josefovich Zafran, the expert in the Jewish history and language. The respected man with his strong belief in the miracle of Chanukah turned the holiday into one more happy recollection.

  Come to our home - love and joy settled here long ago. Hag Chanukah Sameach!

Tatyana Rizman

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