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   Whatever rich your home library is, there will be a day when all the books prove read. Of course, you may buy new books, but can you afford it? You may have a look at your friends' bookshelves, but do they have the same tastes? Anyway, remember, that you always can visit the Republican Jewish Library.

  The library is only 6 years old, but it has more than 5000 books Jewish themes. You can find there a lot of various books, starting with Josef Flavius and finishing with Igor Guberman's "quatrains". "Exhibition of Books from Private Collections" is a new program of the library. And the regular meeting in Library Literature Club was also devoted to it. The exhibition organized in the course of the OFEK has been temporarily arranged in the reading room of Hesed "Polina". The guests got acquainted with a part of Vitali and Maya Starkovs' private library.

  "Tell me what books you read, and I will tell you who you are!" - said Eugenia Karyakina in the beginning of the soiree. She told the guests, that the very moment she had entered Starkovs' house, she fell in love with the hospitable hosts and their library. When she saw there famous works of a writer and literary critic Victor Shklovski, historian Nathan Eidelman, early editions of Boris Pasternak, Michael Svetlov, Ilya Erenburg missing in our library, she decided to show those treasures to the community. And if Eugenia Borisovna has decided something, she will achieve it without fail.

  That evening the stand in Library Literature Club showed visitors the books of Juri Gert, Ruth Tamarina, Lev Varshavski, Samuel Marshak and other brilliant authors. The guests also had a chance to acquaint themselves with a book "The Stories of Israeli Writers", published in 1965 with Aaron Vergeli's foreword. It is a rare book today. Lubov Koretskaya, Irina Krichevskaya told the visitors about the books. Adolph Artsishevski shared his personal recollections about Victor Shklovski and Lev Varshavski. The guests interestedly listened to the stories about the people, whose names are considered to be symbols of the epoch.

  Eugenia Karyakina did not make a mistake when she decided to devote the meeting to the "Exhibition of Books from Private Collections". The guests approved of the idea and decided to help the organizers to find the names worth attention.

Galina Korobkina

Opening of the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition
  Eugeniya Karyakina
Eugeniya Karyakina - the inspirer of the exhibition
Guests of the Jewish exhibition
Guests of the Jewish exhibition
Adolph Artsishevski
The memory conjures up their names
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