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July 24-31, 2002, "Ulan" rest home

   This year the organizers of the summer family camp did their best to turn the meeting of the community members to a fascinating game. On this purpose the "Ulan" rest home was temporarily renamed to "Kasrilovka". Children and adults from Almaty, Karaganda, Petropavlovsk joyfully plunged into the atmosphere of life of the Jewish settlement. Everybody found things he or she liked to do. Football, volleyball, tennis went well together with educational programs, reading of Tora, celebration of Shabbat. Parents, grandmothers, grandfathers together with their children opened for themselves new sides of the history and culture of their people. Every day of the camp started with a morning prayer. Many of them would remember the reading of Weekly chapter of Tora together.

  Along with the study of Judaism the families were enriched with secular knowledge. Library Literature Club "I am from childhood by birth. Natalya Sats", discussion "Jewish painters of Kazakhstan", family game "Experts" to test the knowledge of Jewish Tradition and culture did not let anybody get bored. The children eagerly prepared the exhibition. The family camp could be proud of articles made of improvised means, drawings, applique works. Variety of colors and topics struck everybody. The young geniuses themselves were little confused with public recognition.

  The families came back to Almaty rested and tanned, and mainly - united. They were sorry to part with each other. Those seven days helped them not only to know each other better, but also to become a unity, a community in which everybody is ready to help others, to share joy and sorrow together.

Galina Goldberg

Family camp
The family camp unites people
  Applauses of the exalted auditory
Applauses of the exalted auditory
Give a way to the talent
"Hasid", the authors are Natalya and Oleg Kornevs
Photo from Vladimir Semchuk
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