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   Works of Eli Shehtman, Jewish classical writer, were introduced on a meeting of the Library Literature Club in the Republican Jewish Library. Two of his books: "Sonatas" and an autobiographical novel "Rings in the Soul" were presented that evening. Those two books translated from Yiddish into Russian by the writer's daughter Lara Shehtman (her pen-name is Alma Shin) are obviously interesting for FSU readers.

  Eli Shehtman was a man who experienced the horror of Stalin's repressions and death of his relatives. Alike the author himself, his characters preserve strength of mind, inflexibility, and strong belief in their people. If you call "Sonatas" and "Rings in the Soul" autobiographic, it is not a mistake, though Shehtman himself used to call them "biography of the people's soul".

  The writer's creative work reached his flower after emigration to Israel. His books written in Yiddish are constantly translated into Hebrew. According to the Professor of New-York university Iche Goldberg: "It is impossible to understand our people in the epochal XX century without works of Eli Shehtman".

  Almaty citizens also have a chance to become acquainted with his works. The Library Literature Club helped to make the first steps towards introduction of the Jewish community to one of the greatest chroniclers of the Jewish history. And in future, dear readers, we promise not to miss any book worth your attention. The world of Jewish literature is inexhaustible!

Svetlana Nezhinskaya

Library Literature Club
Introduction of the works of Eli Shehtman, Jewish classical writer
  Autobiographic novel
"Biography of the people's soul"
Eli Shehtman's book "Sonatas"
One of the first Shehtman's books translated into Russian
Photo of Mariya Maistrovskaya
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