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  Galina Yevgenyevna Plotnikova is the Doctor of Medicine, pediatrician, she has more than 100 scientific publications; and in the past she was an actress. She is also a teacher of the art of reciting and a painter (she has 523 paintings).

  At the beginning of 2001 there was a presentation of her novel "The word about Mom" in the Literature club of the Republican Jewish Library. This time there was a new meeting where Galina Yevgenyevna presented the book of poems written by her late husband Alexander Zhovtis.

  The public people of Almaty and Kazakhstan know Alexander Zhovtis very well as a scientist, teacher, poet and a translator. Samuel Marshak and Vsevolod Rozhdestvenskiy, the famous translators estimated his translations from Korean, Kazakh, English, German, Polish, Old Russian language and Ukrainian at their true worth. But his own poems have never been published before.

  When Galina Yevgenyevna was sorting out the archive of her late husband, his diary she found and classified his poems for the following categories: youthful poems, poems dedicated to The Great Patriotic War and poems dedicated to his wife. She united them into the collections: "To walk around the Earth", "Civic lyric poetry" and "Dedications, jokes and speeches" also she found his last poem "I am standing, keeping silence without moving any father..."

  The poems by Alexander Zhovtis were read by his wife Galina Yevgenyevna Plotnikova at the presentation of his book "The only one". The members of the Community and the poet's friends enjoyed the new book and even got it as a present.

Svetlana Nezhinskaya,
photo by Vladimir Semchuk

Galina Yevgenyevna Plotnikova is presenting the new book
Galina Yevgenyevna Plotnikova is presenting the new book
  The audience at the presentation
The audience at the presentation
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