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Shana Tova ve Metuka!  The classes for Hesed clients on Jewish culture were conducted a long before the holiday. The clients were told about traditions of Rosh-Ha-Shannah, how to celebrate it, how to lay the table and what prays to read during the Days of Penitence. Vladimir Zitser, Yelena Levina and Tamara Sattarova conducted the classes.

  A big hall in cafe "Parthenon" was rented for the whole community to celebrate the New Year. More than 300 people came there.

  And now the sound of Shofar was heard. Yelena Kuklina and Tamara Sattarova told briefly about the tradition of celebrating Jewish New Year. Vladimir Zitser director of the Republican branch of Jewish Religious Association said the prayer "Amida", blessed the wine and challah. According to the tradition of celebration of Rosh-Ha-Shannah the challahs were dipped in honey three times. After that everybody dipped pieces of apples in honey and ate them to the accompaniment of song of vocal group "Feigale":

Take apples and dip them in honey,
We are asking Ashem to make our New Year sweet!

  The Chairman of Jewish Community Alexander Varshavskiy, director of Hesed Faina Vladimir Lebedev and the Chairman of Board Of Jewish Community Naum Stuchevskiy celebrated the guests.

  The members of Jewish Community and actors of JCC participated in the concert dedicated to the Holiday. Vocal group "Feigale" sang songs and Sergey Churkin sang the pray "Every morning".

  Vocal group "Ester" consisting of Hesed clients became more confident. This time they presented the song "Be Rosh-Ha-Shannah ", and they are planning to study 2-3 new songs for next holidays.

  The real gift for volunteers was "Cha-cha-cha" performed by Roma Gridnev (he is a grandson of volunteer Haim Vant) and his partner Alyona Kantserova.

  The performance of string quarter under the direction of Olga Shtraub received an enthusiastic welcome. The ensemble performed "Hava Nagila", "Festive song", "Rabbi told to have a fun" and "Violinist on a roof".

  Irina Khardina sang songs: "Jewish eyes", "My Jews" and others. The audience liked her very much. Irina Murashkina - a young singer made her debut at the holiday very successfully.

  Jewish dances performed by a few groups undoubtedly beautified the concert; the public liked danced ensemble "Evalansh" and youth dance group of Art College (dance with champagne) the most.

  The members of the community participated in drawing of the lottery. All tickets became lottery tickets. An iron, hair drier and other "funny" things were lottery prizes.

  There was a "New Year" mail at the holiday. Young girls wearing smart suits delivered letters with good wishes to the guests.
At the end of the evening the comperes wished everybody to be written down to The Book of Life and this note to be countersigned and to be at the head of the year not at the tail!

  The evening was finished with danced and games and everybody was sure that the holiday turned on well.

Tamara Sattarova

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